Saudi Arabia

The PABMEC project comprises of 156 square kilometers of land, 8 kilometers north of the existing Ha’il City in the Ha’il Governate of Saudi Arabia. PABMEC is one of five new Economic City initiatives by the Saudi Government and their responsible agency, the Economic Cities Authority (ECA) that are currently in various stages of planning and/or construction.

PABMEC is a mixed-use residential and industrial ‘working city’ with logistics and agribusiness as its prime economy. Significant areas of commercial office space, retail and public/ recreational amenities such as schools, hospital, clinics and parks are also planned to provide the resident and transient populations expected with a favorable modern yet traditionalist lifestyle.

KEO-Infrastructure, together with KEO-Planning and Landscape Architecture, were appointed by Al Mal to provide a conceptual urban and infrastructure master plan for the entire 156 square meters development, spread over a projected 50 year build-out (to 2059). The infrastructure master plan included layouts and recommendations for domestic waste management and for the main service utilities of potable water, sanitary sewage collection, electricity and storm water drainage as well as district cooling aspects.