BIM, Digital & Innovation Advisory Services

Since 2009 KEO has developed significant BIM experience and expertise, and has become a reference in the Middle East. We are continuously implementing some of the most significant and technically challenging projects and technologies all across the MENA region and beyond. As a high end technology driven firm, KEO cannot afford to sit still and not continue to adopt, acquire and master the latest in management, communication and project delivery know how. A common goal across all our core business functions is to make quantum leaps towards greater efficiency in productivity, quality and health and safety both internally within our organization and externally with all our clients. BIM alone will not achieve this, but it is most certainly helping us to achieve these goals. We have exciting strategic BIM development plans in place as the construction industry drives towards leaner and more sustainable processes, supported by cloud based integrated BIM.  For clients to engage our BIM, Digital & Innovation Advisory Services means the project outcomes will have a higher quality design, it will be delivered with fewer delays with lower costs.  Additional benefits of engaging our services include achieving better sustainability, better asset information management and will deliver the client a complete model for efficient Facilities Management long after the project is built.  Our BIM projects are managed with better information collaboration between all parties resulting in more efficient project handover with fewer claims and delays.


The services we currently offer our clients are:


  • Assessment. As-is analysis and recommendations

  • Implementation. Development of BIM requirements, standards, guidelines, best practices, compliance protocols, organization support, training or any digital technologies implementation

  • Management. Assist the client to develop a higher BIM maturity and capability with continuous BIM project management and consultancy support

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Our BIM Services are ISO Certified


KEO has completed several major BIM projects following client and/or international standards and in November 2019, KEO was awarded the BSI Certification for BIM within the ISO 19650 Framework, which only 3 consultants currently have in the region.  KEO and all our Allied Practices continue to maintain the highest level of ISO certification and continue to maintain the best possible BIM standards for our clients, across all divisions and services.


KEO is currently working and researching in all BIM Dimensions and digital technologies, but our main currently focus are:

  • Digital Twins

  • Smart Cities

  • Data Driven and Generative Design

  • Automation

  • Automated 360 video jobsite capture and mapping

Qualified provider on the Autodesk Services Marketplace

KEO is now listed as a qualified provider on the Autodesk Services Marketplace to deliver services from BIM Advisory, online training classes to software customizations. KEO Digital Services Team is ready to deliver organizational-based, project-based, short-term, or recurring service engagements.​

For further details please contact:


Juan Tena Florez, Regional Digital Design Manager at KEO