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Dubai Expo Village, Sustainable Project of the Year

#Amazing win! #Sustainable Project of the Year awarded to the Dubai Expo Village project designed by KEO at the recent Middle East Consultant Awards.

With over 3,000 apartments spread across 438 hectares, the Expo Village is #expo2020dubai's official residential community. Attaining sustainability #optimization was critical not only for compliance to #green#certification#requirements but also to provide real value during event operations and future legacy usage.

One of the most notable sustainability achievements was the simultaneous design certification of 20 different real estate assets, under three sustainability standards. This required deploying a unique Integrated Sustainability Program to promote stakeholder engagements and ensure a collaborative sustainability mindset across all assets and the achievement of multiple #LEEDGold certifications. Thus enabling identification of lifecycle sustainability opportunities that were implemented across the project. The result is a project with green certifications that exceeded targets at no additional capital costs.


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