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KEO Designed Kuwait Center for Nephrology and Kidney Transplant officially opens 2nd June

We're proud to have played a role in the creation of the Kuwait Center for Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, as well as designing and delivering the facility. As the center officially opens today, June 2nd, we extend our congratulations to Kuwait’s Ministry of Health and our gratitude to all those who supported this project.  An extension to an existing hospital, the center offers kidney and stem cell transplants, dialysis, chemotherapy, and post-operative therapies. Dedicated to providing comprehensive care for people living with chronic kidney disease and helping patients lead fuller lives.

With 83 inpatient beds, 11 isolation rooms, 4 ICU beds, and 15 dialysis beds, the facility consists of an intensive care unit and dialysis wing, patient wards, an emergency department, diagnostic laboratories, radiology, and an outpatient clinic.

“The center’s patient-focused design reflects well our belief that we should always be designing spaces and places, not simply buildings.” Darryl Custer, KEO’s Managing Director of Design.

Learn more about the opening of this center below.


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