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Abu Dhabi Marina Bloom, UAE

Ethics & Responsibility

As a regional leader and one of the largest Middle Eastern consultancy firms, KEO pledges to lead by example, maintaining and reinforcing a world class ethical practice and an unwavering culture of excellence.

We pride ourselves in our reputation and a scrupulous regard for high standards of personal conduct and integrity. KEO is built upon the principles of fair dealings and ethical conduct and we adhere to careful observation of all applicable laws and regulations.

Ethical conduct is fundamental to how we do business and reinforces our core values which shapes our culture and defines the character of the company. Ethics also guide how we behave and make decisions at all levels of the company: From the officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents of KEO.

“Consistent with our core value of integrity, KEO acts in all things with honor and the highest standards of ethical, law-abiding and professional behavior and operates with a zero-tolerance towards bribery or any other form of corrupt practice.” - Donna Sultan, Chief Executive Officer

KEO Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

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