Executive Leadership

Dr. Abdul Aziz Sultan
Donna Sultan
President & Chief Executive Officer
Ali Dashti
Sr. Vice President & Partner
Greg Karpinski
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Fannin
Managing Director, InSite-An Affiliated Practice of KEO
Tony Brania
Executive Director, KEO Design
Awni Farah
Vice President, KEO-PM-CM Corporate
James Donlan
Executive Director, KEO Infrastructure
John Darroch
Co-Managing Director, KEO PM-CM
Ghassan Odeh
Co-Managing Director, KEO PM-CM
Clive de Villiers
Senior Vice President, C-Quest-An affiliated practice of KEO
Christian Millar
Managing Director of Sustainability and Environmental Services
Ayub Ibrahim
Chief Financial Officer
Ann de Villiers
Vice President, Human Resources
Alyssa Sultan
Deputy Vice President Human Resources Corporate Services / Managing Director Facility Management & Administration
Damir Jaksic
Chief Information Officer, KEO-IT
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Firm-wide Leadership

Martin Weallans
Executive Director KEO PM-CM & Qatar Country Manager
Luca Vigliero
Design Director
Amin Jazayeri
A & E Director - KSA
Inderjeet Gill
Co-Director, A & E Services - Kuwait
Mohammad Ismail
Co-Director, A & E Services - Kuwait
Andrey Danchev
Director of Structural Engineering
Martin McFadden
Director of MEP Engineering
John Rice
Operations Principal, InSite
Pierette Dagher
A & E Director - Qatar
Alistair Russell
Associate Principal, InSite
Ioannis Spanos
Director of Sustainability
Joao Sales
Operations Principal, Infrastructure
Babji Rao
Vice President Marketing Corporate
Wael Abu Adas
Principle & Development Director
Michael Leaf
Director, Design Review and Technical Services, KEO PMCM
Nael Akhras
Head of Structural Engineering
Paola Kattar
Legal Manager, Contracts and Claims
David Jordan
Executive Manager, Health, Safety and Environment, KEO-PMCM International
Eoin Sheridan
Regional Sustainability and Environmental Manager
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KEO International Consultants

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