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KEO Shines at the World ESG Summit in KSA

In a showcase of KEO's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, a delegation of KEO professionals attended the World ESG Summit held in AlKhobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

Led by our Director of Sustainability, Vash Singh, the team engaged in insightful discussions, shared expertise, and garnered recognition with the receipt of the "Best Sustainability & Environmental Consulting Company" award.


At the forefront of KEO's representation, Vash took the stage and addressed the topic of "ESG Excellence: A Blueprint for Implementation Success," offering strategic insights into the integration of sustainability practices within corporate frameworks. Additionally, Singh participated in a panel discussion focused on "Corporate Climate Action & the Energy Transition," contributing valuable perspectives on navigating environmental challenges in the transition to renewable energy sources.


Accompanying Vash Singh, KEO's Senior Sustainability experts, Diaa Elmasry and Khader Ghazal, actively participated in networking sessions and engaged with industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability advocates. Their presence underscored our approach to sustainability, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.


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